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Many health clubs, fitness centers and private clubs, such as the YMCA, have pools used mostly for exercise or recreation. Many towns and cities provide public pools. Many hotels have pools available for their guests to use at their leisure. Educational facilities such as universities typically have pools for physical education classes, recreational activities, leisure or competitive athletics such as swimming teams.

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we build the best pools

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I had an unusual pool design idea but the guys at Sunshine Coast Concrete Pools didn’t even blink an eye when I showed them and now it’s fully installed in my front yard – very professional, tx Chris.

Michael Moore

Sunshine Coast

Great design and install, Sunshine Coast Concrete Pools = highly recommended!

Andrew Smith

Noosa Heads

Being able to swim in a luxury swimming pool at your own place is amazing! And I know for sure that the quality of service and technical experience at Sunshine Coast Concrete Pools is the best. Thank you for everything Chris and the team!

Garret Johnson

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Swimming Pool Design Guidelines

Have a look at this video showing you how to choose a concrete swimming pool cover

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