Relaxation and Hydrotherapy at Your House Pool

If you are after a pool that does not just give you a place to swim but that is also therapeutic, you can’t go past a hydrotherapy plunge pool.  Here’s everything you need to know.

About Hydrotherapy Plunge Pools

A hydrotherapy plunge pool can be best defined as a plunge pool or a small swimming pool that has been fitted with hydrotherapy jets, so that it can also be a hydrotherapy spa.  You can use the hydrotherapy jets for different types of massage, or to create a “current” that you can swim against. Of course, the current can be adjusted to suit your abilities.  There are also different seats available within the plunge pool at different heights, so that you can get different effects from the hydrotherapy jets.

Why Install a Hydrotherapy Plunge Pool?

You may be wondering why it is a good idea to get a hydrotherapy plunge pool rather than just a standard plunge pool.  The answer is that water is perfect for both rehabilitation and exercise as it supports all of your muscles and joints, making it a very, very low impact form of exercising.  In fact, it is virtually zero impact.  Water also provides natural resistance that you need to move against.  The combination of the resistance and the low impact means that water is absolutely perfect for people that need to rebuild and re-strengthen weak muscles.  Water is also naturally stabilising, which is especially important if you need rehabilitation for back pain or sciatica, as other forms of exercise can potentially aggravate the condition.  Of course, using a hydrotherapy plunge pool is about more than just strengthening muscles.  It is also important for pain relief as the massaging effect of the jets is both soothing and relieving.  The pain relieving effects of a hydrotherapy plunge pool are natural, and it may mean that you don’t have to rely on pain medication as much.

Hydrotherapy plunge pools are also great for a massage at the end of the day, for general exercise (as the jets simulate a full sized pool), for relaxation, and for stress relief.

Installing a Hydrotherapy Plunge Pool

The beauty of a hydrotherapy plunge pool is that it combines all of the benefits of a full sized pool and spa into one compact package.  The hydrotherapy plunge pool can be installed anywhere in your garden and even in the narrowest or smallest of spaces as they come in a range of different shapes and sizes.  You can also choose what hydrotherapy features come with your plunge pool – seating, jets, programs, heating and so forth.

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